Black Ops Play as Zombie

Treyarch has already masterfully revamped the zombie mode on Black Ops 2 by including new game modes and a whole campaign dedicated to the side-game that gained a huge popularity when it first made an appearance on World at War, but now Treyarch have added a new game mode to keep the zombie fans happy.

The new Revolution DLC was first believed to have a new zombie map, but it now turns out that the new map will also come packed with a brand new game mode called - where players take turns being the lone surviving human whom has to defend himself against zombies which are controlled by other players.

When a zombie kills the human player, that zombie will then get to have a go at being a human. The game concept is certainly not new, but playing it in a familiar zombie environment on Black Ops 2 sounds like quite a lot of fun.

The new Revolution DLC also adds four new multiplayer maps, a new co-op zombie map, and the first weapon to be added as DLC content for a COD game; the Peacemaker SMG.

The Revolution DLC pack will be released on January 29th for all platforms.

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