Hitman HD Trilogy

Trilogy releases are usually only seen when a game series reaches an unprecedented level of success, or fans beg and plead for it to be released, so an HD trilogy for the Hitman series is a little unexpected. However, the trilogy will allow new players of the series to understand the story of Hitman and its origins, and old and new players alike can grab themselves a decently packaged copy of the three games.

The three games will be included in one package that will also come with an art book including 22 pieces of artwork representing the game. On top of this, players can submit their own art on a new website at www.whois47.com, recently announced by Square Enix. There will be a competition which judges the best art, and the winner will receive a one-time only Hitman style Xbox 360 Slim. Instead of just being re-skinned, the new Hitman Xbox has custom decals as well as shining interior LEDs that can be seen through a transparent glass pane, as well as a physical Hitman symbol on the side of the console.

Fans can also purchase signed art copies of the artwork shown in the books for $47 each.

I expect there are quite a few Hitman fans out there, but it's almost as if Square Enix are pushing too hard to make the Hitman series more popular than it has turnt out to be.

It'll be nice to see the two previous games 'in HD' though, and having the titles on the current gen consoles will also give us other benefits like Trophies or Gamerscore.

Are you interested in the Hitman HD trilogy? It will be released in North America for $70 on January 29th.


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