Evil Controllers is known for a few things. Our work with the AbleGamers Foundation, our custom controllers with Evil Imaging, our Evil Sticks, our Evil D-Pad, actually we're known for a lot of things. Mostly our modded controllers. However, Evil Controllers' ultimate goal is to give the player options. We pride ourselves in offering our customers quality products and the best customer service. From our Evil D-Pad add-on, to our Carbon Fiber Imaging, everything with Evil's name on it is a dependable product that looks great! So the newest product to the Evil Shop, the Calibur11, fits right at home.

Evil Controllers offers 360 controllers that will outlive your ordinary, out the packaging, Microsoft controllers and Calibur11 vaults are the same way. They improve the life span of xbox 360 slim consoles by lifting them off the ground or the entertainment center they rest upon. Calibur11 vaults do this to increase air flow to your console and to keep them from overheating. Their vault bodies give your system extra protection from unexpected physical accidents and the shell that fits over the console has a unique shape in which to hold your controller and headset.

Evil Controllers is offering 6 different colored Calibur11 vaults as well as the officially licensed MLG edition, to keep your console in tip top shape.

So protect your console and stay Evil!