gta online bonuses march 2016There are a number of bonuses available in GTA Online that will remain available throughout the rest of the week. Rockstar has been placing weekly bonuses in GTA Online for the last few weeks and this week's worth of rewards will feature bonus GTA dollars and RP.

Running from March 4 through to March 10, all versus missions will reward players with double GTA$ and double RP. All players will be rewarded with double points, regardless of whether they win their games or not. If you're interested in the versus mode bonuses, you'll be able to quick join into the mode within the pause menu in GTA Online.

On top of the double bonuses for GTA Online's versus mode, players will also be able to save some money on a variety of content. Firstly, all flight school gear has been reduced by 50%. All combat helicopters, including the buzzard, have been temporarily reduced by 25% too. This is probably the area where you'll save the most amount of money, so if you plan to buy an attack chopper, this is the week to do it. All private jets have also been reduced in price by 25%, alongside all automatic rifles from Ammu-Nation. Finally, all homing missile launchers and their ammo have been reduced in price by 30% until March 10. So far, the latest updates for GTA Online have only included discounts and bonuses like this. Hopefully we'll see an actual content update soon too.