Need for Speed: Most Wanted


On October 26th, EA released a launch trailer to its new racing game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Since Criterion have taken over the wheel, things have changed for Need for Speed in quite a few ways, and the new Most Wanted game will focus around a large open world similar to Burnout Paradise, giving players the freedom to explore the game as they please.

The trailer features a hot action-packed pursuit through a busy city involving a convoy of racers and a convoy of police vehicles following closely behind, as both teams battle for the road. The new trailer doesn't give much away about the content within the game other than the high speed action and spectacular crash scenes that we've known to love from previous Criterion games. But for those who want to know a little more about the game, a lot of exciting details about Most Wanted have been uploaded to

The new game seems to have taken a very relaxed social perspective into the world of Need for Speed, and will allow players to drive any car on the road that they see fit, whilst seamlessly connecting you to Autolog to share your best scores or accomplishments and set up races for you and other players within the game world.

Although there has been little gameplay footage released for Most Wanted, Criterion aren't likely to let us down, and if it lives up to Criterion's previous titles, Need for Speed Most Wanted will probably be a very enjoyable game upon its release on November 15th.

Written by Ollie Green