The State of California Makes Gamestop Warn their Customers about Used Games' Online Fees

According to news from Joystiq, GameStop has settled a suit that requires the company to post signs in all of its California locations to warn their customers if certain used games have additional fees for online content. The company will also reimburse those "consumers who purchased qualifying used games" with a $10 check and a $5 coupon if they are a PowerUp Rewards members and a $5 check and a $10 coupon if they aren't.

Mark Pifko, attorney for the Baron-Budd law firm that headed this case, stated that the warnings will be an important benefit since the company should disclose the truth to its consumers. He also found out that suspiciously that when the lawsuit was filed, GameStop lowered the prices for used copies of most of the games that were identified in the lawsuit. Gamestop has yet to be reached for comment about this lawsuit.