Matt Dunkley and Neil Davidge to Compose Halo 4's Soundtrack

According to news from Kotaku, a composer behind movies like The Dark Knight and a former band member of Massive Attack are working together for the Halo 4 soundtrack.

It is reported that Neil Davidge, a former producer of Massive Attack, has signed on to compose the soundtrack for the Halo 4 sequel. Alongside him will be Matt Dunkley, who has helped arrange music for multiple movies including Inception, Iron Man, and The Dark Knight. This is a rather different and radical tonal departure for the popular Halo series, which is known for its choral chants. It has traded massive choruses and chants for something along the lines of both classical and modern music, especially with these two individuals to be left in charge of the soundtrack's production.

"We respect absolutely what O'Donnell [the previous composer] did, and obviously these iconic themes are very close to gamers' we all listened to what he'd done, and I think you'll always be on a hiding to nothing if you're trying to pastiche that. Instead, we wanted to take that to another level... Hopefully the Halo fans will see that we're being respectful, but we've also taken it somewhere else, and maybe onto a higher plane. If you're always trying to reference back, you're not creating new things."
~Matt Dunkley