Games News - Black Ops to pass up Modern Warfare 2?


EA marketed Medal of Honor in a way that suggested it could be the next Modern Warfare, although it was a decent attempt, it just didn't match up. Will Call of Duty: Black Ops fall flat on it's face in the same way? At this point it's a little difficult to tell. The Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch have never been given the same critical acclaim as those made by Infinity Ward, but with Infinity Ward's lead programmers, designers, and Engineers starting there own venture with Respawn Entertainment, I'm guessing Activision's paying special attention to this title.

In many ways the previews remind me of Halo: Reach. Call of Duty: Black Ops promises more of what we love. A multiplayer with a robust feature set, but it's interesting that Activision has decided to shift the media's attention from the game's campaign and focus to the multiplayer. I've heard more about Black Op's wager matches and their Call of Duty Points then I have their campaign. I can't help, but suspect that has something to do with Medal of Honor's campaign getting railed by critics for bad A.I. pathing, a tame plot, and glitches forcing players to restart to their last check point. That last one I personally dealt with before unlocking my 2nd achievement.

According to Treyarch the focus on multiplayer is to get players online and playing more then just the campaign. Claiming that a large percentage of Call of Duty fans just don't play online. So they're attempting to fix that with a number of admittedly cool multiplayer modes and improvements.

  • Increased Player Customization
  • Theater Mode
  • Enhanced Zombie mode
  • Wager matches
  • Call of Duty Points

All of these seem like great additions as bullet points, but how do these features expect to get the uninterested, interested? And are they big enough to pull people away from Modern Warfare 2? I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

Written By Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes