Console News - PSP to be combined with Smartphone

Ever since smart phones have come out, it seems most of the apps offered through the iTunes store or Android markets are games. People have the ability to play Doom on their Droid X or Super Monkey Ball on their Iphones. Looking back, making games applications on phones was the first step to something unique and cool. There have been rumors going around about Sony coming out with a cell phone. Guess what, it's TRUE! It has been confirmed that Sony will be releasing a Playstation cell phone in the future.


The phone codename is Zeus and was last seen running Android 2.0 OS. Sony has been quite about this project and continues to do so. I like that Sony is trying to keep this project under wraps until they have more details and features to show the public. When you look at the picture, I think Sony is just combing their PSP (new version) with an Android phone. It's about time! The Gameboy Color came out 1998, the PSP came out in 2004 and the android OS came out in 2005 which was later was purchase by Google in the same year. It is 2010 and the gaming world just started talking about combining video games with cell phones. I guess its better late, than never.

If you do not see or understand the excitement of this, let me explain it too you. Smart phones will meet Playstation portable (PSP) and we will have mobile gaming with networking! Most games offered on phones today are either older or classic games like Pac-man, Tetris, or games from older systems like N64. Imagine how cool it is going to be to be on your phone and playing games like God of War, Kill zone and Red Dead Redemption. It will be awesome to have online game play on your phone. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing games on Iphones and messing with touch screen, but if I could be playing with a mini controller, I would. Make sure to keep up, while this project is still under development, it will definitely be a game changer for many companies like Apple and Nintendo. Get excited for product to come out!

Written by Evil Ambassador "€œ Caleb King