The next installment in the Call of Duty series seems to be getting closer.

So looks like things are picking up for Activision and Infinity Ward, as they released a statement (you can find it here on Kotaku) that the next installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series will be pushing the envelope when it comes to what people expect. So knowing the series, they're going to go beyond the Michael Bay-like explosions and second-by-second action-filled storyline events, which is awesome.

The storyline is what I'm really fixated on. A lot of people call the story and plots of the previous Modern Warfares to be very intense and be of something that you would see out of a hit blockbuster action movie like "The Rock" or "Blackhawk Down", but that's what the consumer audience like you and me like. But in addition to its adrenaline pumping settings, there's a lot of complex story elements that make you listen closely to what everyone says or does. So knowing how the current storyline is, I do wonder what will happen to people like Pvt. Ramirez and Sgt. Foley. Lot of questions need to be answered. "What's Moscow like currently?" "Is other countries getting involved like China?" We will have to wait.

Going on to gameplay. When they said they were going to go beyond our expectations, it probably means they've been refining the MW2 engine or making a new one based on previous versions. Call of Duty redefined how and what an FPS should be, with the proof being other games mimicking them with success (like Medal of Honor).

They did release that there will be bigger maps and more interactive elements to the game. When they mean interactive elements, they mean things like more detailed destructive environments. So we can probably expect that it is possible to blow up debris and buildings if they get in our way. Seems the developers did their homework and research, taking a bit of the page from Battlefield's book.

Well more news about the next Call of Duty will be revealed at this year's E3. Until then, we will have to wait patiently until E3 or when Activision releases some more news about the game.