Focus on "Sonic Generations" and the Sonic the Hedgehog Series.

It's hard to believe it's been TWENTY YEARS since Sega introduced Sonic the Hedgehog andhis fast-paced action to the video game audience of the 1990s and began a long-running rivalry with a plumber named Mario (though now they're best friends via racing, brawling, and sports). Sega decided to celebrate those twenty great years by teaming up the Sonic of my years (the shorter-legged Genesis version) with the Sonic of today (the one you see in Sonic 4 and in Smash Bros. Brawl).

In Sonic generations, both generations of Sonic the Hedgehog will team up and run themselves through rebuilt HD versions of old classic levels and modern day levels. Each generation version will come with their traditional special moves like the Spin Dish for the classic Sonic and the Homing Attack for the modern Sonic. In addition, the game will allow for complete immersion in the Sonic universe, complete with everyone's favorite characters and hidden treasures to found within the game.

You know teaming up the classic and the modern is going to bring back a lot of nostalgia for those of the older generation (like me), which we also got a taste of when we played Sonic 4 when it was released about half a year ago on various consoles as downloadable content. With the release of this news, it makes me want to break out my old VHS tapes of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series (aka Sonic SatAM) and rewatch them (or find them on youtube) while eating a giant bowl of cereal, a ritual for every Saturday morning back then.

I personally cannot wait to get this game and relive my old days of playing Sonic over and over again.