Modded controller: Updateable Classic Controller

A lot of gamers don't know, but modded controllers are capable of updating. The Updatable Classic Controller from Evil Controllers is an updateable controller for those who are interested in updating their controllers to the latest modifications for gaming.

To be more specific, this modded controller can have the latest needed information and settings for rapid fire so that you'll always be ahead of the competition. A solid investment, it allows any gamer to be one step ahead of everyone without any fear of the game update patches or sequels to games. To update is easy for any gamer, all you have to do is download the correct update from our Evil Controllers website and then install it onto your controller by the use of a USB cord that is connected into your Updateable Classic Controller. And you can be assured of quality as these updatables are made with officially Microsoft controllers, no third party quality here. And in addition, these controllers can be customized with such things as Evil Imaging (like pink camo), Evil Sticks, Evil D-Pads, and LEDs.

It has everything that a gamer wants in a updateable modded controller.