Evil Controller mods for Modern Warfare and Black Ops, what it can possibly do for Modern Warfare 3.

So with talk of Modern Warfare 3 on the way and talks that it will be previewed at E3 this year, we here at Evil began thinking about how our controllers will help everyone's experience, as our controllers in the past have enhanced everyone's experience in all games in the Call of Duty series. So why not take a gander at what our controllers offer for games like Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops?

First what comes to everyone's mind is the must-have controller for anyone who's played MW2 or Black Ops, the Auto Burst controller. With seven different modes of rapid fire function from 3-round bursts to full universal automatic, it's a must have modded controller for anyone playing Call of Duty. It's been known to dominate others with the Auto Burst function on Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 with the M-16, FAL, and FAMAS (just to name a few).

There's always the Fast reload controller (pictured here in a white shell) for both games. For any serious gamer, you got to have both rapid fire and the fast reload. With giving you the ability to be able to reload faster in game like Black Ops where every second counts. Combine the Fast Reloading with the Rapid Fire feature that makes any single shot or semi-automatic weapon into a full automatic, and you have something that means pure in-game dominance.

Last but not least, is the granddaddy of controllers for MW2 and Black Ops, our Master Mod (seen here in Woodland Camo). This controller has Adjustable Rapid Fire, Auto Burst and the Fast Reload configurations. With Rapid Fire for increasing your rate of fire, Auto Burst for those times in tight situations, and a Fast Reload function to reload faster to get back into the game faster, this is a modded controller a Black Ops expert or a veteran of MW2 got to have in their collection!

So you're probably asking what features would Evil Controllers modded controller for Modern Warfare 3 have? Well, we at Evil like to stay ahead of the curve and think ahead. We will likely work hard to make sure all of our best fitting functions and features be available for everyone that plays Modern Warfare 3. So likely in MW3, you'll be auto bursting your M-16 in a Search and Destroy and dominating others in a deathmatch with a fast reloading FAL. While wecannotpredict the future of our controllers in MW3, we do know that we will be there to provide the right controller for you when you need it.