Yesterday I awoke to the sounds of my roommates cheers of joy and after groggily making my way into the living room, I immediately became excited- The PlayStation Network outage was over. For the next few hours what ensued was a Call of Duty: Black Ops frenzy- where my friends and I became completely consumed with the slaughtering of noobs. However, after a few hours each of us looked at one another and the consensus was clear, things were just not the same anymore.

After nearly a month of not playing Call of Duty, it seemed to have lost some of its luster. I could not discern the reasoning at first, but after deliberating with my friends, I have come to a few conclusions. Firstly, Ps3 has always been nipping at the heels of Xbox 360, constantly being left in the shadows of what most gamers consider to be the superior system.

At the first glance of an unbiased gamer, Ps3 had so many admirable qualities, a free online network, sleeker controller, blu ray player, no red ring of death worry, and a better graphics card. After the massive hack of the PlayStation Network though, nearly 70 million people had their private information stolen, including myself. While, it was refreshing to finally be able to play the games I had missed so much, the bad aftertaste has still not left my head. Much like after a bad breakup, I think it will simply take time for gamers to move on.

The real question is how can we all move past this travesty? Now that the PlayStation Network is back online, I think Sony should offer unlimited game trials for a month, in addition to the 2 free game downloads already promised. Even for a loyal PlayStation fan like myself, it will take time to get back into the swing of things. Many people will be questioning their loyalty to PlayStation, and Sony should be more understanding. I personally think the Call of Duty map packs should be released at the same time as Xbox and they should be free.

I still like Sony and I think it will remain popular, I would just like to feel safe when handling my Ps3 and perhaps in time, a sense of pride in my console. Until that day however, a toast to the return of PlayStation Network, and instead of focusing on the negative lets all quietly enjoy the free perks that Sony offers us. Cheers!

-Evil Nick