Activision's Upcoming Title is Number 1 on Gamers' Holiday Lists

This upcoming holiday season there are a lot of highly-watched games coming out, and it seems that Activision's COD: Modern Warfare 3 is the most wanted game of all the releases. This information is all according to the Nielsen firm, the same people who track and rate the popularity of television shows.

The Nielsen firm just recently published its "Top 20 Games to Watch" and topping the charts was Modern Warfare 3 with 27% of therespondents. After conducting the entire list, it was deemed that Activision's upcoming title is therespondents'most wanted title for this upcoming 2011 Holiday season; as it clearly has a 9-10% lead over the second most wanted game for the holiday (GOW3).

With Modern Warfare 3 dominating the chart, the top games in the list include Gears of War 3 (19%), Madden NFL 12 (19%), and Battlefield 3 (12%). It was noted that most of the games on the list were either extensions or sequels to previous titles, with the exception of one new game, Dead Island (which is placed in 16th place).

This survey to gather data for the Nielsen firm was done by a online survey targeting "active gamers," and it ran from August 21 through September 17th of this year. Additional information to gather this report and list was done by NM Incite. NM Incite (a part of the Nielsen firm) data-mined more than 417 million online conversations about the top 20 games.

You can find the entire list and additional details about thelist here on Gamespot's website.