Chinese's Rip Off of Team Fortress 2 Surfaces Itself Again with More Plagiarism

Back in July,Kotaku reported about the Team Fortress 2 ripoff "Final Combat". Frankly, when the news got to me (the biggest TF2 fan in Arizona), my eyes began to twitch and I nearly blew a gasket due to the built up rage of hearing suchplagiarism. I was going to write a very wordy blog about how Xunlei, the Chinese company making this game, should be thrown into space and never be heard from again and how unfair it is that Valve cannot touch this game because of international copyright laws between the US and China. So I let it pass and not let it get to me. Barely anything was heard from Xunlei, except for the occasional appearance of a "new and original" character was going to appear in Final Combat like "The Firebat" (*cough*PYRO*cough*).

But once again, like an unwanted visit to the dentist, Final Combat resurfaced again. "Oh joy!" I thought, "What seemingly senseless dribble are they going to throw in the faces of of Valve fans everywhere?!" Well, I was surprised, it was a video of Troy Horton, the man behind the idea. Name sounds familiar? Well if you ever played the Tomb Raider series, he was one of the co-creators. While he is now no longer connected with Edios, he fled to China and is now spewing this TF2 clone as his own piece of work. Upon watching the video, all I can do is this:

I'm probably not the only one alone who is doing this. We TF2 fans can only hope that maybe Valve can do a tongue-in-cheek jab at Final Combat when it's release. I got an idea, have a hat for the Soldier that's like his ripoff in Final Combat, a yellow firemen hat with the description: "totally original hat".