After Capcom reported a loss in profit from their development and publishing team last year, Capcom has made a few 'business decisions' that will affect their current games and perhaps end development for some titles scheduled for release.

Capcom has blamed these decisions on "changes in the industry," and a "decline in quality of titles outsources to overseas developers."

These new business changes will mean that some titles currently being developed by overseas developers will now cease to exist, and Capcom will start throwing more DLC into their games to try and make up for their loss.

When you look at it in most ways it looks like a bad decision by Capcom, as games are now going to be flooded with even more unneeded DLC packs for costumes and non-game affecting content for their games, and even if they do manage to release some decent content that adds new playability to their games, I can't see how they can improve their profit as they've already created a bad name for themselves in the industry.

Cancelling games is also not a great idea, especially if these games turn out to be Lost Planet 3 or any future Devil May Cry titles. Capcom hasn't stated what games they plan to stop developing, but as the developer/publisher has already pushed back the release date for LP3, it wouldn't surprise me if the game never saw retail.

There is one good side to all of this though, and that is that Capcom will be focusing on developing games with their in-house team, meaning more Eastern orientated titles will be likely to hit consoles in the upcoming years.