Console News - Update in XBOX Dashboard


For those that did not know, Microsoft Kinects will be launching on November 4th in the U.S. Microsoft plans to release a dozen games immediate and has five more waiting to come. I'm looking for Kinects to come out because I'm interested on what games I will be able to play. Gamer will be able to work on their dance moves with games like, Dance Central. There will be others working on their fitness with games like, Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout.

Those games are going to be fun for the friends and family to all participate in. With a new addition to the Xbox, means an update for the system. Microsoft has finally released an update for the dashboard. I think an update has been long over due. Microsoft has gone back and fixed some things that have been bothering gamers for a while.

For those who use Netflix, be happy! Going through each and every movie throughout the different list of genres to finally find out that the movie you are looking for is not listed is a problem of the past. There has been a search tool installed in Netflix. The Netflix search tool allows user to search for certain movies they want to see instantly. However, every movie that users will search for will not be available for instant streaming, but users will be able to add movies to their DVD queue, from their Xbox 360 (new feature).

Besides having a different layout, the Xbox 360 Dashboard update kept majority of the same features. New additions like ESPN for Xbox Live and Kinects will change some features on the dashboard, but overall the content has stayed the same. Get excited for Kinects coming out very soon!

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King