Crysis 3 Multiplayer Info

A new video by EA has been released giving players an insight into what Crysis 3's multiplayer will have in store for us early next year.

The video tells viewers about player capacity, game modes, and a social challenge system.

The third game in the series, which will be playable on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, will put console gamers in multiplayer scenarios with up to 12 players.

Hunter Mode, the first multiplayer game mode explained in the video, follows the basic elimination game rules we've seen in other games like Infection in the Halo series. Two hunters will start with a high tech nano suit with active camo and a hunter's bow. The hunters will then hunt down the remaining players who will be playing as troopers. When a trooper dies, he will join the hunter forces, and the game will continue until there is just one trooper left.

The second mode that has been announced marks the return of a previous multiplayer mode from Crysis 2. Crash site pits six console players against an equally matched team of six. Each team's goal is to capture a drop pod landing site for as long as possible. Crash site will also include pre-determined load outs for the troopers to choose before starting a round. The new gameplay also shows us footage of a previous vehicle from Crysis 2 that will make its multiplayer debut in the third Crysis game. The Ceph Pinger, a mech found within the game will drop randomly onto the map via a drop pod, from which players can find and hijack by jumping on top of.

The final feature in the new video is the New York Feed, a dynamic map showing real-time content depicting you and your friend's efforts in-game. The feed will smartly create customized challenges based on your play history to allow friendly competition within your social groups.

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Written by Ollie Green