Halo 4 Info

After the huge success of Forge World in Halo: Reach, it's only fair that forge fans receive a treatment just as rewarding in Halo 4. A recent video has been released featuring Kynon Pearson, a developer for 343 Industries, and Lori Zawada, a developer for Certain Affinities, discussing the new forge features in Halo 4.

Although neither the forge menus nor any of the main mechanics were showcased in this video, information about new maps were. Three new maps will be included with Halo 4 upon release, which have all been designed with forge in mind.

The first map features jagged high-rising cliffs covered in rich green grass, surrounded by a vast ocean of blue. The map has been named Ravine, and it gives off the very authentic Halo feel that was given out to players in Forge World on Halo Reach.

The second is named Erosion. There are three major areas to build upon in Erosion, the first being a medium sized indoor space which is perfect for Griffball or other small-sized objective maps. Leading from the interior room, there are two other areas accessible within Erosion. The first is a dusty platform with lots of varied terrain and natural scenery. The third is a large cave structure that gives players lots of free space to get creative with forge pieces.

The last forge map is placed within an asteroid belt in space and has been named Impact. There are two large asteroids within the playing space and a smaller 'bridge' of asteroids connecting them together. There is also a large empty area to build upon in the depths of space.

Unlike Halo Reach, these levels will not be interconnected, which for some may be a bit of a letdown, as neither of the three levels are anywhere near as impressive as forge world in terms of size. However, the levels offer different atmospheres to allow creativity, and there is plenty of room to create forge works of art, whether it consists of complex race tracks or well-planned maps designed for strategic gameplay.

Ravine, Erosion and Impact are all stunning levels, and it would be amazing if we saw some of the community creations implemented into matchmaking similarly to Halo Reach.

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Written by Ollie Green