Crysis 3 Popular

The super graphically impressive series by Crytek has received a fair amount of success in the world of gaming, however it's been no match for other shooters like Call Of Duty or Halo. One reason for this may be that the previous Crysis games never really had a strong multiplayer element to the full bundle.

Crysis 3 has built upon the previous multiplayer experience, creating gameplay both enjoyable and competitive. And Crytek's decision to focus on the multiplayer aspects as well as the singleplayer ones has seemed to prove successful.

According to Crytek, the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta/demo received over 3 million downloads, and top of this, their game received 40% more pre-orders than Crysis 2.

The multiplayer experience still isn't as complete as games like Call of Duty, but it does seem it has helped to push more sales. The only thing that a lot of Crysis fans are worrying about is whether the time spent focusing on the multiplayer gameplay meant that there was less time spent on the single player game, which for a lot of players is the main reason why they would consider buying the game.

We'll have to find out how the game turns out upon its release on the 22nd of this month. Be on the look out for our custom Xbox 360 controllers in our Controller Creator while you wait!