Walking Dead Rated Mature

There was a bit of controversy following the action zombie game after unfinished gameplay footage was shown to the public via YouTube, however after things got cleared up, and a fully finished version of the gameplay trailer was released, more interest was taken in the game.

Planned for release on the 19th of March, The Walking Dead: Survival Instanct recently got rated as a mature game for the following reasons:

This is a first-person shooter based on the TV series The Walking Dead. Players assume the role of Daryl Dixon as he battles hordes of attacking zombies, searches for survivors and supplies, and performs various missions. Players use a variety of firearms and melee weapons (e.g., knives, a hammer, a crossbow) to shoot zombies in the head or to slash at zombies’ faces. Decapitation and blood-splatter effects occur frequently during combat; there are also depictions of zombies eating human corpses in the background. Players also have the option of killing zombies close-up by stabbing them in the eye or neck. Dialogue contains brief references to sexual material. Dialogue contains the words "f**k," "sh*t," and "a*shole."

This game will no doubt tell the backstory between brothers Merle and Daryl as the player controls these characters and gets up close and dirty with the zombies. The gameplay trailer didn't really show the first person mechanics of the game, but I'm hoping for a decently made zombie action game.

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