Dark Souls Community Tagline

If you want to play a part in making the name of Dark Souls 2, then you'll need to check their community poll that was created on Namco Bandai Games on February 7th. Just like the first Dark Souls, players will be able to choose between five different names to make the tagline for the second game. Choices are Go Beyond Death, Into The Beyond, Sacrifice Everything, Survive Death and Transcend Death.

Currently Transcend Death seems to be in the lead, and it has been for a couple days now, however if you don't like this name, you can vote for one of the others before the poll closes, or if you do like it, you can  vote for Transcend Death to give it even more support.

It's amazing that video game developers are now giving their playerbase more control over how the game plays, and now even what the game is called. Dark Souls 2 is being developed by From Software, and published by Namco Bandai Games. The action role playing game will be retailed for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles either in late 2013 or possibly early 2014. The game can be pre-ordered right now though for $59.99. Currently there is no information on limited or special editions, and only the standard edition is available to preorder. This may change closer to the reveal date.


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