Victor Cruz On Madden 25

New York Giant's receiver Victor Cruz has had an interview with GamerHub where he has discussed his most favorite and least favorite memories of the Madden series, as well as discussing what he'd like to see in the next game, Madden 25.


Victor started the interview with his favorite memories, focusing on the rage moments. "A lot of them aren't positive, but the ones I remember are me getting frustrated with my remote and slamming them down a couple times, so there are not really positive but there are some good ones where I'm 21-0 with my friends, and I'm up by a huge score, so there's pros and cons to it."


When asked about the realism of Madden, Victor said he thought it was 'very realistic' and he remembers playing Madden 2000 and all of the games since then, and he seemed pretty impressed about the amount of realism Madden has managed to grab hold of since then.


Victor was asked about what he'd like to see in the next Madden game and he replied "Just another Salsa man, they gotta get in there and put those balls on me, and get a better salsa down on my character."


The next Madden game, Madden 25, is expected to release on August 27th, so keep your eyes peeled here till then for more information about the game.


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