How do they stack up:
Dead or Alive 5 vs Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Dead or Alive 5 and TTT2 are both great games, and both the DOA and Tekken franchises have been going on for a long time now, so when it comes to comparing the two, it's hard to say one is better than the other. Both games have different play styles, which means both may be as equally great in their own ways, but you may find yourself leaning towards one game more than the other for various reasons, so I'll try to round up a few comparisons to help you out.

Both games include incredible graphics, and stunning arena visuals, but the fact that DOA's stages have multiple levels of interactive scenery make for a more diverse combat experience, adding environmental features that greatly affect gameplay.

Many of the characters in Dead or Alive follow traits strictly within the storyline, and although you'll learn about the developing personal tales of each of DOA's Characters, the character list in Tekken games has always been huge, and that's no different in Tag Tournament 2. In TTT2, each and every character has their own dynamic costumes and it's easy to distinguish the characters.

Apart from the predefined costumes and wacky avatars, DOA has always lacked any sense of personal flare to the characters you fight with, and this is where Tekken is a clear leader. In TTT2 you'll have the ability to create costumes for your favorite characters by spending earned cash on items in-game.

Whether their customization options are as great for the Tekken characters as they are for our modded controllers is still up for debate.

There's not much to offer when it comes to immersive storylines in games like DOA and Tekken, but Dead or Alive 5 has had a great improvement regarding the story, integrating it further into the game, and along with each of the personal character developments throughout the storyline, the characters and environments become easy to relate to. For the first time in a long while, the team behind DOA5 have also included English voiceovers.


It's really down to preference when it comes to choosing between the two fighting games, and this is no different for the combat systems. Dead or Alive 5 focuses on different fighting styles attached to each character, allowing the user to find a fight style their comfortable with and stick with it, whereas Tekken's fighters may also have their own fight styles. They more closely match one another to make playing different characters a bit easier.

Which series do you prefer?