Destiny 2 Cross Saves Coming

Video game developer Bungie has announced that an upcoming update to Destiny 2 will bring cross-save functionality to players, allowing them to move their character data to other platforms.

The new functionality will go live on August 21st, which will allow users to play the game across multiple formats without losing any game functionality. which has been long-awaited. Players have been asking for cross-save functionality almost since the game was launched in September 2017.

Destiny 2 has been popular since its release, and the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion has been hotly anticipated. The new save feature will come before the expansion, which itself launches on October 1st.

Cross-save has been something that’s grown in popularity in recent years, as players have been increasingly hopping between consoles and PCs. The biggest groundbreaker in this area has been Fortnite, which lets players sync accounts between all of their different devices while maintaining their stats and skins. In fact, Epic has gone one step further, having forced Sony to allow for crossplay between their PS4 and other consoles such as the Switch and Xbox One.

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