Ninja Drops Twitch for Mixer

Renowned streamer Ninja has announced that he’s decided to stop streaming on Twitch and will be moving to Microsoft owned Mixer on an exclusive basis.

Ninja posted a video where he had a faux press conference, announcing that he’s moving to Mixer, which has lagged behind competition like Twitch and YouTube since it launched four years ago with the name Beam. Microsoft bought into Mixer in 2017 and has been putting in the work to make it a formidable competitor to the above services.

Ninja had the title of largest streamer on Twitch, having 14 million followers and peaking at 130,000 peak visitors. He’s since been usurped by other players, but still was among the top names on the platform.

The first stream from Ninja did on Mixer was on August 2nd and took place live from Lollapalooza and had more than 80,000 viewers concurrently. He also has generated more than  300,000 followers as of press time. While these numbers don’t hold a candle to his Twitch numbers, they’re still mighty impressive for a first day’s work.

We don’t know how much money Microsoft must have promised Ninja to make the jump, but it has to be in the millions of dollars range. Given the fact that Ninja was paid a million dollars to stream Apex Legends, we can only speculate the grand total paid out here.

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