Dying Light Legendary Levels#

In February Dying Light will receive a new update that is free for all players. The new update adds 250 legendary levels to add more progression to the end-game state of Dying Light. If you're a Dying Light player that has already completed Dying Light to 100% but you're still looking for a challenge, the 250 legendary levels should grab your interest.

The 250 new levels allow players to continue to unlock new content after each level up - new unlocks can include new gear, weapons, outfits emblems and even new skills.

Once a skill tree has been maxed out, you will then start to gain experience points for a new skill tree. The additional experience points will go towards the new legendary levels. Inside of the legendary levels skill tree you are given the ability to choose new upgrades to important stats such as damage, stamina and health, along with others.

Whilst base stats can be upgraded once per legendary level, you will only get access to additional rewards such as emblems, outfits and new weapons each 25 levels.

Like mentioned before, the legendary levels will be available as part of a free update for all existing Dying Light owners. Alternatively newcomers to the game can purchase the Dying Light Enhanced Edition once it has been released in February to get the content as well.

Legendary levels is just one of many new features planned for release in February 2016. It's starting to look like the Enhanced Edition update may be the biggest free game update any AAA console game has received in a long time.