DICE Finished With Battlefield 3

It'd make sense that after the appropriately named 'End Game' DLC, DICE will stop development for the popular FPS Battlefield 3, and according to DICE's Senior Video Director, Ronald Smedberg, they now have finished up with the game.

Ronald posted a tweet on twitter to express his feelings for finishing up on the game, and his hopes and ambitions for the future. "It's over. We're done with BF3. Both happy and sad at the same time, but the future holds exciting things."

It's already been known for a while now that DICE are working on a new Battlefield 4 title for the next gen consoles, and DICE has now posted up an application form for a new community manager spot as the previous manager, Daniel Matros has stepped up to working as a producer for the Battlefield series.

The application page is filled with needed qualifications and past experience, making the position look accomplishable by only the really professional, but that hasn't stopped Daniel Matros from writing "DICE is looking for a new CM – I urge everyone to apply," on Twitter.

Have you been playing Battlefield recently? How often will you play it whilst waiting for Battlefield 4's release? What kind of modded controller will you create for Battlefield?