Master Chief in Halo 4: Differences across the board.

There is a huge rue of excitement surrounding the debut of Halo 4s trailer at E3 2011. It marks another installment to an already amazing track record for the Halo franchise, and here at Evil, we are very captivated by the new games possibilities. In an interview with former Halo franchise director, Frank OConnor makes note of the noticeable changes to Master Chief in Halo 4s trailer.

The most notable difference from the trailer is the altered armor that Master Chief is wearing. There are gaps in the armor, and it is more evident that a man is behind the famed Spartan armor. OConnor said this about the noticeable differences, There's some story behind his new look... There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviors have changed. We'll see in good time.

This leads me to think that the changes are not only to the armor, but also more importantly to Master Chief himself. Halo 4 is set to expand the franchise with a new storyline, and accordingly it seems that Bungie has updated the Master Chief character to better fit the new title. This is not a disappointment at all, and actually, I am even more excited to get a copy and start playing it.

Will Master Chief still be John-117, or is this another super soldier, the likes of which the gaming community has not encountered before? How will the new Master Chief attributes tie into the game? All questions will be answered in due time, and my anticipation for Halo 4s release is growing every day. Keep gaming, and look for more information surrounding the new Halo title, and the updated Master Chief.

-Andrew Waterhouse