Evil Controllers and The AbleGamers Foundation

If you aren't familiar with the AbleGamers foundation, you should be. The AbleGamers foundation strives to bring accessibility to all gamers. This is a goal that Adam Coe, president of Evil Controllers, shares with them. Together with the AbleGamers foundation, Evil Controllers can help make controllers that are more accessible to gamers with limited mobility.

The AbleGamers work hard to increase the accessibility to all games; they reach out to game developers and game insiders to make large industry changes. Oftentimes simple solutions can make a game that would normally be largely inaccessible to a large audience, fully accessible. One of these changes for example is the simple option to be able to remap button functions within the game. For example: to allow the default Y button function to be activated with the use of the B button. Unfortunately, many easily plausible solutions are ignored because disabled gamers aren't thought of frequently enough within game development.
This is why Evil Controllers worked closely with the AbleGamers Foundation to create an accessible controller that can allow users to remap any button function to any 3.5 mm switch. This controller is the Adroit 'Switch Blade' and is currently available on our site with 3 save-able player profiles. The Adroit allows players to create their own gaming configurations to play games in ways that are most comfortable to them. The Adroit 'Switch Blade' can adapt to just about any player.

To read about or order an Adroit, click on the following link:

Just last month on June 28th-June 30th, the AbleGamers Foundation represented accessible gaming at the Abilities Expo 2012 in Chicago. You can find photos of the event and of the Adroit in action at the following link:


To learn more about the AbleGamers Foundation go to ablegamers.org and be sure to like their facebook page.