Free Avatar Goods for Bandwidth!

So are you like me? You want to add a little style and pizzaz to your things but don't got the cash for it? Or in this case of your XBOX LIVE avataar, points? I mean while I do want a evil scientist lab coat for my fat little avatar, I don't really want to fork over ten bucks for it. Well looks like our prayers been answered. Now you can exchange your time and bandwidth for stuff for your avatar!

Microsoft needs help in testing the Xbox Live network, so they set up a volunteer program where donating up to six hours of your 360's time will reward participants with with crazy scientists attire when the testing is done. The testing will be done through the month of March in various regions.

To volunteer, simply access your Xbox 360's community section and download the tiny Xbox Live Labs app. Once installed, you just turn it on and leave it running. But there is a warning that your console will be taking a lot of bandwidth during its run, somake sure you don't cap out your allowed ISP's cap.

There are three levels of testing ranging from half an hour, an hour and six hours. Each one gets you various scientist theme items like evil scientist hair (Doc Brown would be so proud of you). So if you're willing to spend some bandwidth for free stuff. Go for it!

~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo, creating the evil science of combining turkey on rye in his "laboratory of evil".