Mang0 Wins Super Smash Con

Cloud 9 Mang0 has taken the Melee victory at the Super Smash Con. His victory looked very promising from the start of the grand final event, where he managed to make none other than Hungrybox bow down to him.

This wasn't the first time Hungrybox lost to Mang0 in the 2016 Super Smash Con. In fact, Hungrybox lost 3-1 to Mang0 in the Winner's Finals. By losing in the Winner's bracket, Hungrybox then fell down into the loser's finals to go up against Mew2King.

Hungrybox then took the win against Mew2King without a single ounce of respect in a quick 3-0 victory. At this point, we were expecting an exciting fight in the grand final with a newly refreshed Hungrybox. Surely Mang0 couldn't beat out Hungrybox again within such quick succession?

As it turns out, Mang0 managed to pull an even sweeter victory in the finals. In fact, Mang0 and Hungrybox's last match of the day saw Mang0 hit a 3-0 scoreline against Hungrybox. Hungrybox almost took one match, but Mang0 managed to pull it back in an exciting fashion.

This marks Mang0's third big win of the year. Mang0 has been one of the best Melee players for a long time and it's clear that his lack of major title wins in 2015 may have been more down to a small slump than a permanent decline in his performance because he has come back this year with a lot of power.