Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be getting new DLC soon that will be exclusive to the Metal Gear Online portion of the game. Konami has announced their plans for the new Metal Gear Online content and has also explained about exactly what content players will be able to expect soon.

The first and most exciting feature coming to Metal Gear Online is a new game mode named Survival. Not many details were given about Survival but it is assumed that it will be similar to the timed Survival Mode events that were occasionally hosted by Konami in Metal Gear Online on MGS4. Hopefully the Survival Mode that is coming to the new Metal Gear Online will remain as a permanent playlist instead of a timed event.

Konami also plans to release new maps for Metal Gear Online soon, although once again details for these were not shared. The Metal Gear Online Twitter page posted the following information.

"New DLC planned for MGO, including new maps, Survival, and more! Further details to come."

In more news, a new update has been released for Metal Gear Online that adds a few tweaks to weapon values and also decreases the amount of XP that is needed for each level. This will essentially make leveling up in MGO take a lot less effort than before.

The new update is rather small and has been released for free but the maps and Survival Mode are likely to cost additional money.