Battlefield 3 at E3

So at E3 on Monday, Electronic Arts held their press conference. Amongst their announcements of games like Mass Effect, Madden, and FIFA, there was one game that I really wanted to set my eyes upon, Battlefield 3. And I was looking forward to the live streaming of the trailer and the gameplay and having high expectations. And thankfully, EA lived up to its words and didn't disappoint me at all.

When they gave us a taste of what to expect, Karl Magnus Troedsson of DICE Studios showed us what the Frost Bite engine could do (that can be seen here), I was blown out of my seat. The graphics and details were mind blowing. The demo showing parts of Paris being ravaged and torn by warfare, the destruction as an underground subway going haywire, and everything else was jaw dropping. I gotta say it, with this alone, it seems like Activision and Call of Duty have some competition (but hey, its good to have some healthy competition right?). Afterwards we were treated with probably one of the best gameplay videos at E3 so far. (live demo gameplay can be seen here)

The gameplay showed in-game footage of a tank battle going on through the eyes of Corporal Miller, who takes command of a M1 Abrams tank in a desert location (likely Tehran, Oman, or northern Iraq which were some of the mentioned places BF3 is to take place). As the gameplay goes on, we see really nice graphical smoke rising in the background from recent warfare. Then immediately we're taken into a series of battles which shows off the fast paced action this game has to offer. The demo ends the continuing of a mission of overtaking an opposition force's missile base.

All in all, I'm impressed with what Battlefield 3 has to offer. And with it coming out weeks before Modern Warfare 3 (Battlefield 3 debuts on October 25th), it's going to be a tough decision on which to buy. Why not both?