Bioshock Infinite: Evil Ambassador Copiozo's Thoughts

Bioshock Infinite is one of the games I was really, REALLY looking forward to hearing about at E3 and during Sony's Press Conference on Monday, my wish was fulfilled. Before I go on talking about what was revealed at E3, best we retract what makes me want this game so much.

Now when I heard of a new Bioshock, I was coming off a slight bit of a "meh" after playing Bioshock 2. Now, don't get me wrong, I loved Bioshock 2, but I did feel a bit of that the multiplayer was tacked on and Irrational Games should have put more energy into the story to make it more epic like the first game. Then I heard about Bioshock Infinite and it turned my world view on Bioshock upside down. There was color, there was light, there was no longer the feeling of being surrounded by the pressure of a watery prison of Rapture. It was now taken to the sky and in beginning of the 1900s when America was no longer a rebel country but a force to be reckoned with. In summary, a breath of fresh air...that's about two miles above ground in a hovering sky city in civil war called Columbia.

So zoom back to E3, we were treated with Bioshock's trailer (it can be seen here in Gametrailers). We see Booker, the downtrodden and disgraced detective of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency protecting Elizabeth from both the Founders (the paranoid overzealous original citizens of Columbia), the Vox Populi (the rabid communist militia of Columbia) and the Songbird (Elizabeth's "friend/protector" that's like an eagle mixed with a Big Daddy). Through the gameplay trailer, we see what Columbia is like at the moment, ravaged yet beautiful while dignified. While it is socially in ruins like Rapture, flowers are still growing, machines are working like clockwork, and it's different from Rapture. And I like it.

While it did show a lot of action, it didn't show much about Infinite is all about storywise. All we know is that Elizabeth would rather die and not have her powers exploited than be taken by the Songbird. The gameplay footage we heard back in 2010 showed us about the Founders and their "philosophy" but not much about the Vox Populi. Except now they like to hijack zepplins and paint "OUR VOICE WILL BE HEARD" while spraying their "message" in flaming raining sulfur. I really wish they touched more about how the game is talking about civil war storyline of torn-apart isolated Columbia.

Following the end of the trailer, Irrational Games Ken Levine came out and gave us some new Bioshock news. As seen here, Mr. Levine presented that Bioshock Infinite will support the PS3's Move (after he humbly apologized about his views on motion controls and retracted his statements on it). He then gave even greater news that Bioshock will also be on Sony's newest portable, the Playstation Vita.

All in all, Irrational Games knows how to get my attention and its with Bioshock.