Battlefield 3 Players Using the Engineer Glitch Are Likely to be Banned ASAP

Swedish developer DICE tweeted last weekend that it has banned hundreds of offending accounts for cheating in Battlefield 3.

DICE wants to make sure that gamers all play by the rules and level up by grinding and gaining experience. The players of the accounts in question were apparently caught using a technique called boosting (which you can read about here on a previously written Evil blog entry). "Boosting" is where you and a cohort exploit a certain glitch in the game allowed them to gain thousands of points during a match. DICE has concluded that those accounts have since had their stats wiped.

When reached for more comment on this issue, DICE had this to say in a series of tweets.

A patch is just around the corner, and we will continue to ban cheaters...we take it seriously...that is our attitude here at Battlefield....we have zero tolerance for cheating players and are banning more all of the time.

The bans affected players across all platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC). It isnt really clear yet on how the gamers discovered the exploit and started using it, aside from seeing it performed in-game or on the youtube video.