The Tonight Show's Host Uses Modern Warfare 3 to Jab at Rival David Letterman.

I admit, back in the day when the late night talk show wars were up and running, I was a huge fan of Jay Leno. It was Jay versus David Letterman in a ratings war for the much sought after late night timeslot. Years passed and while that feud likely died away among the sea of other late night hosts like Fallon and Conan, some bad blood kind of remains between the two.

And now Jay Leno brings Modern Warfare 3 to the late night talkshow feud, as you can see on this article from Kotaku.

On November 9's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jay was delivering his monologue and brought up Call of Duty's release and how big the game's gone. He then showed off the live action commercial where he superimposed his over Jonah Hill's character. While going through the motions that Jonah performed in the commercial, Jay added a bit of his humor by inserting a clip of him firing a rocket launcher at the Ed Sullivan theater, home for theLate Show with David Letterman.

Looks like some rivalries will never end. And knowing how Dave operates, it's likely he'll fire back but probably in Battlefield 3 style.