Around 53% of Battlefield 3's Players also Played Modern Warfare 3


According to an article on Kotaku, gaming research firm Raptr decided to track how many hours people spent both playing EA's Battlefield 3 and Activision's Modern Warfare 3. The reason for this study predicted that Modern Warfare 3 was going to outsell Battlefield 3. Thus, using a combination of data from 10-million gamer network plus the addition of a 6,000-person survey, the firm found that users logged an average of around 40% more playtime in 360's MW3 than BF3 on their launch days.

Other stats in the study stated the same thing. More people spent time playing Call of Duty than Battlefield 3. Not a big surprise in my book since Activision's title is a bit more mainstream compared to EA's title.

All in all, I'm not surprised. Actually I could be one of these people who are likely to play both titles. As soon as I upgrade my PC, I'll be playing Battlefield 3 on that, while also be playing Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox 360. Hopefully not at the same time...but if I could do both that would be awesome.