When Gears of War 3 got pushed back, most of the office was pretty bummed out about it, but we're excited to hear that the game Bulletstorm will include early access to the Gears of War 3 Beta. EA and Epic Games have announced that the Epic Edition, of Bulletstorm will include the beta access as well as a 25,000 EXP bonus and some multiplayer visual upgrades.

Aesthetically, Bulletstorm looks awesome. The color palette shown throughout the trailers doesn't show a gritty looking shooter with dull browns and grays nor cartoon like greens and purples, but has it's own unique look that confidently displays a sci-fi looking world with fluorescent blues and orange. Bulletstorm's unique and untested look could be why the Gears of War 3 beta is being included.

In any case, be sure to pre-order Bulletstorm for the 360 so you can be alongside Evil Controllers as we rip the Locusts apart on the first few days of the beta.

Bulletstorm comes out for the PS3 and the 360 on February 22nd.