Finding love with XBOX LIVE

Many parents dread the life of video games for their children, mostly because they fear it will lead to an anti-social life style. Fortunately there are companies like Gaming Passions, and Game Crush and there is even a facebook group, Xbox Live Dating , that are here to help take the burden off of meeting new people through video game social networking.

The Facebook group, Xbox Live Dating, mimics the concept of online dating sites. It is a place where players can go to let the gaming world know that they are interested in meeting new contacts who would love to bond over their favorite games. However, this facebook group will not match you up with potential companions, it is each players own responsibility to put themselves out there in the social limelight.

When logging onto the Game Crush site, the first line pretty much sums up what their intentions are, Meet, talk to, and play with the hottest gaming community on the Web. Dont just play what you want. Play who you want. The site allows users to chat live with over 8,000 PlayDate games, view exclusive images and videos and give them access to casual and console games when they join for free.

Gamming Passion is also a website that offers free online dating and social networking for their users. They want you to, meet other video game lovers who get it. Much like Game Crush they too service console game and PC game lovers. Joining Gamming Passion gives users the opportunity to discuss strategy over chatrooms, message boards, and emails and arrange online competitions.

However, while mingling online with new friends please stay safe and dont revile any personal information that may danger you or loved ones. Stay safe and game hard!!!