Ever play TF2 and notice how every Scout spams the voice command "NEED A SENTRY HERE" over and over and over till an Engineer (most likely me) gives in and builds a sentry? Well apparently I guess there's an annoying Scout at Valve's HQ and I guess the programmers there decided to give in like I do. Only thing is, their sentry is real (well except for the shooting bullets part).

Actually the team behind Team Fortress 2 got to visit Weta Workshop (the same people who did animatronic work for the Lord of the Rings movies and the upcoming The Hobbit movie) a while back and made a request to make a Level 1 sentry for their home office. Well it just arrived recently and Weta went the whole nine yards. The sentry (which took several men to deploy and move) has a state-of-the-art motion detection camera and will "fire" on those in its paths. This is probably like every TF2 fanboy's dream to own one of these near replicas. The same goes for this blogger. Hopefully one day I can show up at Valve's HQ in my BLU Engineer cosplay just to see it....until I find out at the last minute it's a RED Sentry.

SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/reallifetf2sentry