Every Xbox One Controller Ever

The Xbox brand has put out a very cool YouTube video where they showcase every single Xbox One Controller ever made, and it made us think about how great these controllers have been over the past six years.

The video can be found here:

The video prominently features Xbox designers Monique Chatterjee and Carl Ledbetter, as they go through the series of different controller styles that led up to the eventual final Xbox One controller, and then show us the different color schemes that have been offered over the years.

The different categories of a controller shown off in the video include:
• Family Controllers
• Bundle Series
• Color Series
• Design Lab
• Forces Series
• Shadow Series
• Tech Series
• Sport Series
• Phantom Series
• Game Inspired Series
• Elite Series
• Bonus

Microsoft is known to release a bunch of different custom Xbox One controller designs over the course of their console’s lifespan. The Xbox One is getting ready to see the release of the Series 2 Controller, and of course we’ll be modding the device even further to give players a leg up on their competition. We also do modded Xbox One controllers that aren’t the Elite series, making them comparable to higher-end controllers. Our mods are comprehensive and include adjustable thumb stick tension, shift paddles, and other goodies.

With so many different designs in the Xbox team’s minds, it’ll be curious to see what the group will have in store for the Xbox Scarlett when it releases later next year.