Microsoft Series 2 Controller

Microsoft has the upcoming release of their new Elite Series 2 Controller, and we can’t wait to get to work to begin improving on the gaming giant’s design.

The Series 2 controller launches on November 4th, and will be shipping with the new adjustable thumb stick tension, hair triggers, and has re-engineered components that aim to improve upon the already great Elite controller. The controller will come with multiple thumb sticks, including standard, classic, tall, and wide dome as well as 2 sets of D-pads. A USB-C cable will also be included, which will provide fast charging through the included dock. Of course, a carrying case is also available.

We’re going to be offering a send-in service for this new Elite controller, so if you get your hands on one early, feel free to send it in. We’re going to be able to make a series of different mods to make things even better, including fine-tuning things to give you the advantage when you’re playing online or in an eSports competition.

If you’re playing the new Gears 5 game, you should consider our SHIFT controller with the Master Mod or the Elite Series 2 with Master Mod. These will give you the edge you need to blast away against your opponents. Without a doubt, a modded Elite Series 2 controller is a real investment, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one.

There are still a number of sites taking pre-orders for the controller, offering to ship on launch day. The controller will retail for $179.99 and feature up to 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge.