Exclusive partnership lets party-goers "test drive" the world's #1 modified Xbox 360 controllers

Tempe, AZ. (March 21, 2012) - Evil Controllers and GameTruck, two companies recognized for their product innovation and creativity, are teaming-up to outfit GameTruck's mobile video gaming theaters with custom modded Xbox 360 controllers not sold anywhere else.

The exclusive partnership, launching this March, will provide GameTruck party-goers with the unique experience of "test-driving" Evil Controllers' after-market modified controllers during birthday parties, corporate and educational events. "Until now, the only way to experience the thrill and excitement of playing with an Evil Controller was to borrow one from a friend or purchase one online through our company,"says Evil Controllers Founder and Lead Designer Adam Coe. "By partnering with GameTruck, gamers will be able to tryout our products in the ultimate environment for an unbeatable gaming experience." Coe started the company at age 19, launching the first-ever after-market modified controller company in the world.

GameTruck, the original mobile video game company, has more than 70 mobile video game trucks in most major markets across the country. The bus-size, self-powered trucks are fully loaded with giant HD plasma screens, gaming consoles to accommodate 16 or more players at one time and over 50 multiplayer games for customers to choose from.

GameTruck's Official Evil Controllers Party (TM), will include at least one "MVP Player" controller outfitted with all of the aesthetic and performance enhancements available, including glow-in-the-dark LED lights, rapidfire and all of the master modifications available. Additional controllers will have aesthetic upgrades, plus Evil's pro gaming thumbsticks and their Evil D-Pad, voted the 2nd best piece of gaming hardware for the year 2010 by Inc Magazine.

"Our goal at GameTruck is to provide a memorable event experience for gamers of all ages," says David Wachtel, chief operating officer of GameTruck. "Evil Controllers is an awesome addition to that experience - it's an exclusive distinction that will ensure our gaming experience continues to be the most superior in our industry." GameTrucks in major markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Portland will be ready to host an Official Evil Controllers Party starting this March.

For more information regarding GameTruck, Evil Controllers or their modded controllers check out gametruckparty.com and wp.evilcontrollers.com.

About Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is an Arizona-based company specializing in after-market, custom "modified" Xbox 360 controllers with enhanced game play and aesthetic features. Adam Coe, president and lead product developer, founded Evil Controllers in 2007 as a college freshman after he successfully completed and sold his first after-market modified gaming controller, realizing the production possibilities of a then nonexistent industry. Since then, Evil Controllers has sold thousands of controllers worldwide and is recognized as an industry leader for innovation and product integrity. Coe continues to push the limits in product development with the company's Accessible Gaming Division, where creative problem solving and ingenuity come together to create modified controllers for individuals with physical and mobility limitations. The company is also launching an exclusive partnership with GameTruck in 2012. For more information about Evil Controllers, including how to purchase a custom-modified controller, visit wp.evilcontrollers.com.


About GameTruck

Founded in 2006 by Scott Novice, Tempe-based GameTruck is the Home of Patented Mobile Video Game Entertainment (TM). What began as a fun birthday party experiment for family and friends quickly turned into the first-ever mobile gaming theater. Outfitted with HD televisions, a full library of multiplayer games, gaming consoles and accommodations for 16 players or more at one time, the self-powered GameTruck turns any occasion or location into the ultimate interactive gaming experience. The company has grown exponentially since its inception and continues to expand its franchise model to major markets across the country. Most recently, GameTruck was awarded a U.S. Patent for its concept, further solidifying its position in the industry it invented. For more information about GameTruck, including party booking or franchise information, visit gametruckparty.com