Evil Controllers Information on:
Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller

Leave it to a company like Evil Controllers to come up with a modded Xbox 360 controller like the Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller. Like their other modded controllers for the Xbox 360, the Stealth version comes with all the modifications you know and love - from turning any single shot or semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic by holding the button down to all the other modifications for your favorite video games, Evil Controllers has it.

The Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller is a little different, in that it allows you to keep the fact that you have a modded Xbox 360 controller a secret. Unlike the other controllers from Evil Controllers, the stealth model doesn't go into "modded mode" until you press a secret, two-button combination on the controller. This means your competition doesn't have to know you're using a rapid fire controller. Stealth mode added to the Universal Rapid Fire Xbox 360 controller is a genius idea.

Evil Controllers isn't stopping with this. The family run company is hard at work pioneering other modified controllers for the rapidly growing video game industry. When you add the Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller to the other pre-modded Xbox 360 controllers they have for sale, you can see why this young company is experiencing such great growth, even in a tough market. And with their past track record, you can be sure to expect even better improvements to their controllers, including compatibility with all the new great games coming out for the Xbox 360.