Evil Controller Information on:
Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller

The Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller by Evil Controllers is a great way for gamers to get their feet wet when it comes to modded Xbox controllers. This base model of the Evil Controller line of trigger rapid fire controllers is good if you do not mind if other people know you have a modded Xbox controller.

On the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller, rapid fire is activated by the right trigger. The controller mod doesn't activate until after a gamer toggles the mod with the tap of a button. After the modded controller is turned on, simply holding the trigger imitates "ridiculously fast right trigger pulls!" For most video games, this is going to give the gamer a distinct advantage and allow them to compete against more skilled players.

This modded Xbox controller, along with others from Evil Controllers, works with all modern popular video game titles, as well as video games that haven't been released yet. If you want to press a button to get the rapid fire working on your controller (for multiple games), this modded Xbox controller by Evil Controllers is one you should check out.

Available in black or white, the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller looks good and feels good, but it is the modifications behind the scenes that really make this Xbox controller special. Even professional and advanced gamers will get something out of the modded controller. In the hands of a video game expert, this controller can improve an already top performance.