Fortnite Chapter 2 Launches

After a few days lingering around a black hole, Epic Games’ hit battle royale shooter Fortnite has launched its Chapter 2 game, bringing with it a bunch of new features.

The game held an event last weekend where a rocket broke the dome overseeing the island where players duke it out, with the world being crashed down on and eventually sucked into a black hole. Players were stuck with that screen for the next few days, wondering just what would happen.

It turns out that Chapter 2 is what happened, giving players a new map as well as some intriguing features.

Among these features is an area on the map named Slurpy Swamp, which generates shields for players who’re standing in it. The game also lets players upgrade weapons, letting you build workbenches to upgrade the lethality of your gun. Hiding from foes is also enhanced, letting you stake out in dumpsters and haystacks.

If hiding isn’t your thing, you can fish for health or shoot at teammates with the Bandage Bazooka, which heals them. Speaking of teammates, you can also carry downed teammates to cover, where you can then work to try to revive them.

Instead of earning battle stars for combat, players are now given XP for their play, and you can earn XP by completing certain mission objectives in the game. If you earn enough experience, you can also level up your battle pass.

These enhancements all add to the Fortnite experience, which has been changing continuously since it launched two years ago. We’re happy to see just where the game will go from here.