Apple CEO Sick

Heres an interest piece of gossip for those of you who frequent both our blog and potentially Perez Hiltons as well. Apparently, Steve Jobs, Apples mastermind and infamous CEO, is taking his third leave of absence since 2004 for health related issues. The length of the absence has yet to be determined.

Apple has no word on why he is taking the current leave, but in the past, Jobs has dealt with pancreatic cancer. Hopefully it has nothing to do with that!

As a result, Apple stock has already dropped by 8 percent overseas, in tandem with the announcement, although U.S. stock prices did not change.

Apple COO Tim Cook will be taking over day-to-day responsibilities until Jobs return.

In other Apple news, Verizon has finally got some claims on the iPhone! (But Im sure that by now, thats old news, so I thought it was just something to mention in passing.)

Hoping you get well soon, Steve!