Reach is finally here for all of the Halo fans! Halo Reach will be Bungie's last Halo game as they give the rights to Microsoft to continue the series if they choose too. Bungie went back and put some thought into creating their last installment on the series. Halo Reach is about the Spartan's home planet, Reach. Master Chief is gone! Players will be playing as Noble 6, a super soldier part of a unit fighting the Covenant. Halo Reach is the ultimate prequel and gives gamers options they never had before. The game is still a first person shooter, with co-op, online multiplayer and firefight modes. Reach takes Halo to an entire new level. Halo Reach campaign mode is said to be the most difficult compared to the other Halo's. With difficulty increasing as you add players for co-op makes the game a bit more interesting. Also there is a credit system involved in the game. As your player collects credit they will be able to upgrade and customize their character as they please. Another new edition to the game is what players will call "loadouts". Loadouts are player's options of having a jetpack, sprinting, camouflage or energy shield at their disposal. Halo Reach made some great improvements on their multiplayer. The veto system has changed, players will be able to vote on the map they want instead of vetoing one map and have another random map selected. New types of games have been added to the multiplayer like Stockpile where teams collect neutral flags or Generator Defense where 3 Spartans go against 3 Elites. Halo Reach should satisfy majority of Halo fans craving for something new and improved as Bungie open up forums, blogs and even had a beta version released earlier in the summer for gamers to have their input influence this revolutionary game. Halo Reach will be released September 14th.